Privacy Statement

Usage Data

When you visit our website, our web server temporarily evaluates usage data for statistical purposes in order to improve the quality of our website. This data consists of the following data categories:

  • the page from which the file has been requested,

  • the name of the file

  • the date and time of the request,

  • the amount of data transferred,

  • the status of the connection (file transferred, not found, etc.),

  • the type of your web-browser and your computer (IP) address.

The above-mentioned log data will only be evaluated anonymously. Your IP address is immediately anonymised with the logging by deleting the last three digits.

Anonymous Visitor Measurement

We carry out anonymous visitor measurement on our website using Matomo. For this purpose, the web server data logs as well as the abbreviated IP address are evaluated.

No personal evaluations about you are possible.